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Co-author of Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business:

Nilima Bhat is the co-author of Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business, and My Cancer is Me: The journey from Illness to Wholeness.

Nilima is a facilitator of personal transformation and coaches individuals (and organisations) in their quest for conscious evolution. She is an international speaker/trainer on organisational culture, conscious business, women in leadership, self-awareness for work-life balance as well as Indian wisdom and wellness traditions.

As a facilitator of personal and collective transformation, she is a sought after global keynote speaker and trainer on Conscious Leadership, Resiliency and Mindfulness as well as Diversity & Inclusion. She has 28+ years of corporate experience and consciousness-based health and growth training.

Nilima headed Corporate Communications for an ITC Hotel, Philips and ESPN STAR Sports before certifying as a Sivananda yoga teacher and taking up the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. She is also a dancer and choreographer, co-founding a dance company (Sri Shakti) to de-mystify Indian dance and spiritual sciences for international audiences.

Nilima is currently inspired to leverage her corporate experience and 15 years of consciousness-based health and growth practices to build enduring institutions and change-agents, especially women, who can lead India and the planet to sustainable solutions and positive impact. Her new and widely acclaimed book ‘Shakti Leadership’, with Raj Sisodia and publisher Berrett-Koehler is taking her on speaking engagements globally. She also writes a column, Shakti Speaks, based on dialogues within Women's Circles, initiated by a leading national media house, aimed at restoring gender relations.

Her integral approach synthesizes best practices and paths from around the world, and customizes to meet audience needs. Her particular expertise is in developing BQ & SQ (Body Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence).

She has lived in Germany, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong and has spent the last couple of years between India and the US, serving as guest faculty at the Whole Foods Academy, Austin, Bentley University and Babson College, Boston and Esalen, Big Sur. She is actively involved with supporting the Conscious Capitalism Movement, WIN (Women’s International Network) and is on the board of Peace Through Commerce and MixR.

  • Conscious Leadership

  • Mindfulness

  • Shakti Leadership

  • Leading change

  • Women's Leadership / Empowerment

  • Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

  • Organisational culture

  • Conscious business

  • Self-awareness for work-life balance

  • Indian wisdom and wellness traditions

  • Leading Purpose / Finding your Higher Purpose

My 'super-power' is that I can transmit Presence, even as I teach it, initiating and lifting up a room full of people into that higher/deeper experience of authenticity, joy and equanimity. I also bring easy-to-grasp-and-apply conscious leadership tools, frameworks and PRACTICES needed to navigate current disruptive business context. I especially like to focus on raising women and feminine competencies, and leveraging Indian wisdom as well as applying best practices from other traditions.

Shakti Leadership: A path to Integrated Leaders, Inclusive Cultures and Inspired Purpose

Why lead with half our power? Nilima Bhat draws from her new book with Raj Sisodia, co-founder Conscious Capitalism, to understand how we can leverage the FIVE ELEMENTS of SHAKTI LEADERSHIP: Presence, Agency, Wholeness, Flexibility & Congruence, to take our leadership and organisations to a whole new and much needed level.

In order to solve the crises of our business context we are going to come into our full power, as whole persons and integrated leaders who create inclusive cultures and find inspired purpose.

The prevailing leadership paradigm is incomplete and inadequate as it overemphasizes ‘masculine’ values such as confidence, competition and decisiveness, often to the neglect of much needed ‘feminine’ ones such as caring, collaboration and openness; and focuses primarily on an outside-in, competency-based approach.

Shakti Leadership aims to awaken both men and women to their integrated leadership capacities, through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach. That sources directly from their authentic, resilient, creative and regenerative core, their Shakti.

Shakti Leadership aims to awaken both men and women to their integrated leadership capacities, through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach. That sources directly from their authentic, resilient, creative and regenerative core, their Shakti.

  • The 10min Presence practice
  • True Power (Power with) vs False Power (Power over)
  • The 4-quadrants of Masculine & Feminine competencies
  • Your Integrated Leadership Style assessment
  • Movement / somatic exercises

You will learn how to exercise fully human leadership and thrive through change as ‘The wise fool of tough love’.

A Heroic Journey: Leadership in a VUCA* world (*Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous)

In order to navigate the disruptive business scenario and not just survive but thrive, leaders soon realize that they are going to have to make a journey. A journey that requires deep reserves of resilience and inspiring energy. This can only come from tapping into Shakti, the infinite source of power within us that makes us fully present, fuels our creativity and drives change.

Not given freely, it has to be earned, by the heroic capacity in us. Shakti-based Leadership, is a coming-of-age quest from one’s untested innocence to masterful maturity. While the ‘heroic journey’ is experienced as deeply personal, the process is completely universal and surprisingly little-known.

Using language and ideas that awaken, inspire and move us, individually and together, Nilima will draw from Joseph Campbell and Maureen Murdock’s work around the mythic Hero/ Heroine’s journey and apply it to modern leadership, business and life. Reframed as a ‘call to adventure’, you will see these testing times as an opportunity for exponential transformation. And receive the road-map, discern the milestones, the destination; and uncover its grand empowering ‘elixirs’, for you as well as your company.

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  • Fee: USD $ 15.001 to 20.000